Author Robert Alan


Sounds so formal, doesn't it?

Well . . . there's a time and a place for formality, and when the need arises I am indeed Robert Alan, author.

But in the less formal times, and especially when I'm writing, I'm just Rob, storyteller. A modern myth maker, if you will.

Now as anyone who has studied mythology and human history will already know, to be a storyteller is to be something between a lying vagabond and a priest with a sacred trust. While I may naturally lean more toward the former, I still respect the importance of mythology and fairy tales in the latter role.

Yes, fairy tales.

I write fairy tales -- not the fairy tales of hundreds of years ago, mind you, but the fairy tales of TODAY. Today's wolves wear different clothing, and today's heroes are more than just woodsmen. Because they are the heroes and villains of today (and not from hundreds or even thousands of years in the past), they are close enough to us to be seen in three dimensions and full color. It's not as simple as good versus evil, but then, it never has been. Bravery, though . . . that is perpetually needed, in and out of fairy tales.

Too highbrow?

Oh, heck . . . let's just quote a line from a Jimmy Buffet song and be done with it:

“Call me a liar, call me a writer, believe me or not.”



IJS Has Heart

Photo by T'Lera Elkins, © 2009 Robert Alan

In Justice's Shadow

In Justice’s Shadow is made available through the hands-on publishing process of Publishing Inc. It's a book primarily inspired by my love of comic books, which are arguably the most comprehensive compilation of modern fairy tales I know of.

It's also inspired by Old Norse/viking mythology, modern events, old fantasy or science fiction pulp novels, early Hollywood movies (and starlets), and other artists and madmen throughout history. Though the world of In Justice’s Shadow is very much influenced by the four-color pages of comic books, strangers to comics will find much that is familiar.

And while this book was inspired by numerous sources, the world it depicts is a uniquely mythological one unto itself. And in telling some of its myths, no doubt I've revealed more than a little of myself in the process. Such is the effect of stories upon the storyteller.

How will it affect you? You'll have to read it and find out.

When you do, feel free to drop me a line and let me know, too.