About In Justice's Shadow

In the year 2000 the world struggles to recover from the devastation wrought by World War III. Though fears of global destruction proved unfounded, deep battle scars were raked across the Earth as suprahuman titans clashed with little regard for borders and, far too often, even less regard for “merely human” innocents. Now, survivors of both groups face the daunting task of rebuilding their lives, sustaining a tenuous truce with one another and suppressing tense flare-ups from within.

Into this world is thrust Erik, a young man who finds himself neither prepared for nor worthy of the role of hero in a time and place so far removed from his home. His newfound super-strength is at best a curiosity to him, less important than his newfound love of comic books and movies, and his long-standing love of women. In a world filled with “real” heroes, he feels his occasional foiling of street crimes in New York are so minor as to be beneath notice.

The World Intelligence Agency, however, feels differently. When Erik receives their offer of employment, he soon finds himself facing challenges for which he never prepared, in a world too long bereft of justice.

About the Author

Born in Hawaii and currently residing in Florida, Robert Alan has spent the intervening years living in FAR to many places that had snow. (Those who say that most of those places were temperate at worst are missing the point.) After growing up in various locations across the eastern half of the U.S., he has been out west only once . . . and that was to meet the girl that he eventually married. He has future plans to go even further west next time and see what happens.

His education was eclectic -- much like his work history -- until the day he realized he was a third-generation frustrated writer who was tired of being frustrated. Currently he writes between juggling the philosophical, spiritual, and moral quandaries that have plagued mankind since the beginning – quandaries like what is the meaning of life and how does it influence the chances of a cute girl buying me a drink?