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“Behold this poor minstrel’s own dear bother,” the younger one continued as if his brother hadn't spoken. “And hearken to the tale of his woeful secret!” His skin was darker than his brother's, one shade naturally, and one shade due to greater time spent in the sun. His hair was likewise darker, though spared from any sun bleaching by the simple expediency by being cut short enough to remain almost completely hidden beneath a battered black cap which proclaimed he'd rather be fishing. His form appeared a touch on the stocky side, but it was less because of any lack of height, and more because of a slight overabundance of muscle for his frame.

“Because I'm starting to want to hit you again,” his brother informed him. Slightly taller than his kin, but not as heavily muscled, and with his blond hair unfashionably long, the brothers barely looked related at all when paired side by side except around the eyes and nose, which were a startling blue in the former case, and in the later case, was either “noble,” “prominent,” or just "big," depending on who was doing the describing.

“Revel in his shameful desire, a desire that perhaps some of you share,” the younger brother continued, his grin making it clear that he was indeed listening to his brother's words, but that he wasn't yet done trying to get a rise out of him. “The desire,” he added, his grin getting even larger, “to join the world of pretty, pretty princesses!”

“Last chance,” his brother warned him.

“A threat to be feared indeed,” the younger brother pronounced as if addressing the non-existent crowd in the audience, “if not for the sad truth that you punch like the princess you wish you-- Ow!”

Despite the warning, the threatened punch took him by surprise, hitting him hard in the shoulder, and in the precise spot where the previous punch hand landed. As before, it was hard enough to cause him to momentarily lose control of the wheel, but this time the pain and the swerving of the truck was even worse, and he barely brought the vehicle back under control before they went off the road completely.

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