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While Art and Annika were engaged in the rapture of their joining and enchanted by the beauty of it all, a pair of unfriendly eyes were observing them from the darkness, eyes that were most decidedly not enchanted by the sight before them.

Rutting in the dirt with a commoner, and a foreign commoner, no less, the Captain thought with a mental sneer. What a fitting epitaph for you and your line, your “highness.”

The Captain adjusted the sight on his rifle.

I ought to thank you for this opportunity before you die, though. This way is much better than my original plan of simply disposing of your body in the woods after one of your little unsanctioned “forays” off compound, and it's made all the sweeter by the inclusion of the mongrel whose obnoxious presence spoiled that plan in the first place.

The Captain lined up his shot, aiming for Art's temple.

Just a little more, he thought as Art and Annika's mutual cries started to reach their crescendo. Enjoy the pleasure of soiling her, dog; if your filthy secretions weren't needed, I would deny you even that!

Annika suddenly reached a point beyond sound, speaking solely with her body as she undulated beneath Art.

This prompted Art to arch his back and unleash a cry both strangled and triumphant.

The Captain smoothly compensated for Art's movement.

Then the Captain fired the shot that blew the top of Art's head clean off, decorating both Annika and the leaves and grass around her with crimson and the former receptacle of Art's thoughts and memories.

A self-satisfied smile creased the Captain's features. At least I can deny you both the full measure of that pleasure. What you have already spewed into her will suffice, I should think.


“Wait! What?” Caleb protested.

“Wait for it,” Art chided before resuming his story.


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