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“Yay!” Gwen chirped happily, then her eyes widened in understanding and she started laughing. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “Arthur! Guinevere! That's why my name is funny!”

Caleb promptly set Gwen down in alarm. “Get out of my head before you stumble over something that makes you sick!” he snapped. “Go to your mother! Now!”

“Okay, Uncle 'Sir Kay!'” Gwen giggled as she started to skip away, two hulking bodyguards silently in tow.

“Shit!” Caleb swore. “Caleb, Kay, I hadn't thought of that! I mean, I would have, but--” He chopped off suddenly. “Shit, girl, I just told you stay out of my head, I mean fuck, I mean damn it! I mean . . .” he trailed off with a sigh. “Gwen,” he called after her softly.

“Yes, Uncle Caleb?” she asked, turning around.

“Don't tell your mommy or daddy I said any of that, okay?” he asked plaintively.

“Okay,” Gwen agreed with a smile. “But only just this once,” she added with a chastising wag of her finger.

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