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I am watching him now from across the street, watching him look at the flier I placed on the windshield of his expensive car, a flier that he is looking around to confirm that nobody else seems to have on their vehicle. The flier is for a goth sister duo band in town, “Unreal.” The picture is not very good, but even so I can tell that he can see that beneath their makeup that both sisters are almost unnaturally pretty, and that they are billing themselves as “Mary and Shelly.”

I do not know if he will go to the show or not. I think he will if he is curious enough, but I do not know.

But if he goes to the show, he shall finally get the answers to all of the questions he put to me that night . . . and more.

And if he does not . . . he may still find out.

I have not yet decided.

Page 12

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