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“Oh, good,” Diana said dryly. “Do you want to share with the rest of the class now?”

“Sorry,” I chuckled, coming back to the present moment and feeling good for the first time since this whole mess began. “I don't work with other people that often.”

Even without the help of the flash of lightning illuminating her expression, I could hear the exasperation in Diana's tone. “You don't say?”

“No, really,” I deadpanned, pretending not to notice. “Like you said, it's got to still be hungry, and the effort of not snacking on your sister will be driving it crazy, so . . .”

“It'll head for the nearest meal source,” Diana finished for me, then she frowned. “That would be us.”

“No,” I said with a shake of my head. “It's avoiding me, it knows I'm on its trail.” Before she could ask, I quickly added, “I just know, so that means . . .”

“It's heading for the the camp!” she breathed in horror.

“Will you please stop doing that?” I snapped. “Not being interrupted is my favorite part of not working with other people!”

Another lightning bolt showed me that Diana was looking at me like I was crazy. “Priorities, please!”

“Sorry,” I said in what I hoped was a conciliatory manner. “Your friends might not be in any danger if they're doing the smart thing and staying out of the rain. They'll only make themselves targets if they're stupid enough to ring the dinner bell by being out and making a lot of noise.”

Now it was Diana's turn to snap at me. “They'll be out dancing and singing in this storm, and we both know it! Come on, we have to hurry!” Diana grabbed my arm and tried to drag me along after her. She seemed genuinely shocked when I stood my ground and refused to budge.

“Actually,” I said apologetically, “that's the exact opposite of what we need to do.”

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